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I have struggled with my mental health ever since I can remember. Growing up in Texas (a.ka. the bible belt), I didn't realize my depressive lows were due to my mental health. I was under the impression that I needed to pray more or as we colloquially say, "Shake it Off."


 It wasn't until after my first suicide attempt at Howard University that a loved one intervened and told me that I needed to seek professional help. I had, unknowingly, been suffering through a silent storm within my mind. I thought I had to figure it out all on my own so I wouldn't appear weak.


After getting into care with a therapist and working through the struggles I faced, I felt as though I was able to smile again. The sun shined a bit brighter each day I fought toward healing and having a healthy mind. 


While I continue to have my ups and downs, I'm aware of the steps to regain my strength mentally. It's with this sentiment that I created the Viribus Ball. I want the Ball to exemplify the strength of those battling with their mental health as well as the strength of friends and family supporting them. My goals are to raise awareness and educate the misinformed about what it looks like to struggle with mental health. 


I hope you'll join me on January 20, 2020, as we uplift this critical cause. 


Thanks, and I'll see you soon. 

Calvin G. Seino

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